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April 30, 2011

Internet Usage by Age Group

Pew Internet has released a chart showing Internet usage for various purposes, for each age group.
The results are pretty revealing.
For example, there’s pretty much no difference in usage for buying products. Ages 18-64, run 60-69%. Then it drops off a bit, but even 74+ it is over 50%.
The popularity of using the Internet for health info is stunning, getting the 3rd highest percentage of usage in every age group. This is in the 80-89% range up to age 64, then drops off but still above 50% for those over 74.
The most dramatic (and obvious) differences? Percentages who listen to music and who IM drop like a stone as the groups get older (except 65-73 year-olds are more likely to IM than 56-64 year-olds for some reason).
Here’s the entire chart:

Generations 2010: What Different Generations Do Online

April 28, 2011

Social Media and Online Purchasing

The reason I keep writing about social, local and mobile issues is because there is so much action on them right now.
And a lot of that “action” is buzz being created by marketers. Sure a lot of it is “real” but a lot of it isn’t.
One area where it mostly ISN’T real – as we’ve repeatedly said – is in using social media to drive sales.
There’s a new study that supports that, with a great analogy:

If you go with the theory that you should market where the people are, then you should be running off to market during church services.
Buying things from retailers is maybe 10th on the list of things they want to do on Facebook.

April 26, 2011

The War Between Google and Spammers

Here’s a great short history of the war between Google and Spammers, showing action and response over the last 10+ years.

Google Told You So

And their conclusion is the same as mine (my article from one year ago).
Basically, the war is over. Spammers can’t keep up.
Of course that is an exaggeration but it is also good news for legitimate businesses.
Most of you can compete for online business.
IF you understand marketing and the Internet and IF you take intelligent steps over time.
In the vast majority of cases, Internet Marketing is never going to be a “Get Rich Quick” proposition.
But it IS a game you can win.

April 26, 2011

Bounce Rates

The first test a website has to pass is getting visitors to stick.
This is reflected in a statistic called “bounce rate” which usually means just the percentage of visitors who leave the site without clicking through to a second page.
It reflects both the quality of the site and the quality of the visitors.
It’s a judgement factor what an acceptable bounce rate is for a particular entry page.
This article asks what is certainly a rhetorical question:

Should Your Paid Search Account Care About Bounce Rates?

Because of course, any time you pay for a click, and that person bounces, you wasted your money.
Of course there is such a thing as reality and you are never going to get 100% of visitors to stick – let alone convert and purchase or become leads.
It is an intelligent article but some of these numbers, we consider eyebrow raisers:

20% or less is amazing

20-30% is fantastic

40-60% is fairly common

60-70% is common for keywords that are a bit ambiguous (TV Sets, Laptop)

70% or higher – something needs to be fixed

In most situations we consider in most situations, anything over 40% is a red flag and serious evidence of work needed.
No matter what your bounce rate, it can be improved. But it’s true, it isn’t always the most important thing to be working on. If your bounce rate is under 40%, almost always you should be more concerned about increasing time-on-site, conversions, or just flat out increasing the amount of traffic to the site.

April 22, 2011

Local / Mobile – Latest Stats

Here are some eye-opening up-to-the-minute statistics on the value of showing well on local searches on smart phones.
The short answer: Very valuable indeed.

43 Percent Walk Through The Door

And “2011 The Year of Mobile” is just getting started.
(Heaviest usage as expected is for dining, followed by entertainment and retail.)

April 20, 2011

Social Media – A Moneymaker?

The latest Gold Rush is of course to Social Media – Facebook, Twitter and the like.
Are these moneymakers?
This article attempts to make a convincing case that the answer is “YES”:

Why Walmart Spent $300 Million

It has links to two supporting articles. The anchor text makes it look like these are studies showing the rise of Social Commerce. They are just more assertions with no statistics to back them up.
Here’s the REAL study:

Search Sends More & Better Traffic

The study is for mainly entertainment related sites, where if anything, you’d expect Social to play a bigger role.
So the real answer is:

Sometimes, maybe for you, and maybe in the future.

As we keep saying, check out Social Media, try them out, see if you can make them work for you. Don’t EXPECT them to be huge or to save your bacon.
And pay attention to what is going on. The Future is coming at us awfully fast, in the digital world. There will be new things tomorrow….

April 19, 2011

Google Search Features

Google has quietly rolled out a series of small but useful enhancements to Search:

Instant Preview now supports Flash for MOST previews.
If you have Quick Scroll installed (either as a Chrome extension or as part of Google Toolbar) you can click on a highlighted area within an Instant Preview to go directly to that section of the page.
Instant Previews can now be used on mobile devices, Android tablets, iPads and the Opera browser.
Previews support additional result types, including .doc and .ppt files; and video results now have a playable interface.
“Dictionary” has been added to the left-panel. It’ll serve up definitions, examples of the word in context from news, related phrases, synonyms and more. One click on the translation tool then brings you to Google Translate.

Good stuff.

April 18, 2011

Economy Update

With many clients in many industries, we can see the state of the economy reflected in common patterns of traffic volume and other statistics we monitor.
Last fall we predicted recovery starting in earnest at start of 2011. We also said it would be a more brisk recovery than most were predicting, but still long and slow, and that it would be spotty (industry to industry).
All of those predictions have proven true. Most recently we see the relatively fast start for the year tailing off. A lot of people who were starting to shake loose some $ for marketing initiatives are now having second thoughts.
A lot of companies would like to get something going but are still having cash flow issues. And that is an issue that ripples through an economy. If Joe is slow paying Bill, there’s a good chance Bill will be slow paying Bob.
Economic statistics news is a mixed bag as well.
The answer as always remains being smart with your money and DON’T stop marketing. At the end of this there’ll be two kinds of companies – the Quick and the Dead.

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